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     Founded in 1995, Georgian National Automobile Federation is the official member of FIA (Fédération Internationale de l'Automobile) from 1996. In Georgia in 2000-2001 there was held one of the stages of “East Europian Rally Cup” and after 2002 The Automobile Federation helds one stage of “East Europian Rally Cup” once in every year. Instead of this, every year there is held inner championship as between professional, also between amateur racers in those varieties: Hill Climb, Circuit Racing, Race of Champions, Rally, Gokart, Slalom and etc.

    Our organization is distinguished with stability of carrying out arrangements. It is involved in organizing country’s inner and global social actions. Our organization is partner of Partnership for Road Safety and Green Autoclub.

    Our main aim is to develop the autosport and tourism in our country and rise the level of road safety.

Georgian National Automobile Federation
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